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David Crockett is the owner and founder of Crockett Law Corporation. Licensed as an attorney since 1970, he provides practical legal solutions for clients throughout Orange County and Southern California. His practice is focused on guiding clients through complex and sophisticated matters in the areas of estate planning, estate, trust and probate administration, litigation, real estate, and protection of personal and business assets.

In addition to his extensive experience, Mr. Crockett is also a certified public accountant. His legal and financial backgrounds give him the unique ability to provide the effective solutions his clients have come to expect. Instead of relying on financial experts and consultants, he handles the legal and tax components of any matter himself. Clients receive the most well-rounded advice possible.

Mr. Crockett is also a business owner. His real estate property includes hotels and apartments. He has firsthand knowledge of and experience with the kinds of issues his business clients regularly face, from daily operations to financial lending and all the challenges in between.

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