Firm Overview

Comprehensive Wealth Preservation Services for California Clients

For more than 30 years, David Crockett has focused his legal practice on estate planning and administration, asset protection, and real estate law and transactions. The firm, Crockett Law Corporation, emphasizes tax planning and preparation in the context of individual estates, family partnerships, business assets and real estate.

Our goal for any client is to help safeguard his or her property and assets. For some clients, this means analyzing their business and advising them on how to form and operate a business or commercial real estate venture while building legal protection and managing tax consequences. Other clients trust our firm to help them create plans for passing their property on to future generations or prepare for unexpected events. Still others are involved in disputes that require litigation.

All of these matters have one thing in common: they require complex knowledge and analysis of tax consequences, both good and bad. Crockett Law Corporation excels in the underlying tax planning considerations of any legal matter it handles.

Mr. Crockett’s knowledge of taxation comes from over three decades of practice experience and his background as a certified public accountant with education in business and accounting. He has the ability to understand, interpret, create and negotiate any transaction or financial document. In all matters, he carefully explores strategies for maximizing tax benefits and minimizing tax consequences.