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Cypress is a city located in Orange County California.

History of Cypress, CA

The original Spanish dons held immense tracts of land throughout California, which were given in lieu of pay to Spanish soldiers. Manuel Nieto was one of the early Spanish dons or landowners in the area. After his death in 1804, his sons retained title to Rancho Los Nietos, but these lands were eventually broken up and distributed among them in 1833 by a grant from the Mexican governor, José Figueroa. Manuel’s son, Juan José Nieto, retained the title to a large portion of his father’s original properties in southern California that included the present-day area of Cypress. That land and other Rancho properties were finally sold to the American Abel Stearns, then acquired by the Robinson Trust, a group of investors, which eventually parlayed their holdings into a vast land speculation business.

Cypress originally was nicknamed “Waterville” due to the preponderance of artesian wells in the area, but was incorporated under the name Dairy City in 1956 by local dairy farmers as a means of staving off developers and to preserve their dairies, much like the then-neighboring cities of Dairy Valley in Cerritos and Dairyland in La Palma. After World War II, however, the land became too valuable for farming or ranching, and the dairies gradually sold out to housing developers during the 1960s, so that by the 1970s no dairies remained.

In 1957 local residents voted to change the name of “Dairy City” to “Cypress”. The name was taken from Cypress Elementary School (originally built in 1895) which took its name from the Cypress trees planted to protect the schoolhouse from the seasonal Santa Ana winds.

Population of Cypress, CA

The population of Cypress was 47,802 at the 2010 census.

Top employers in Cypress, CA

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Cypress College
  • Boeing
  • Mitsubishi Motors North America
  • Yamaha Motor Company
  • Costco
  • Jacobs
  • Siemens
  • Target
  • The Home Depot

Cypress, CA Zip Codes: 90630

Cypress, CA

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